Ever Thought of Taking a Quick Fix Weight Loss Plan? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

Maybe you want to desperately drop a few pounds, but just remember that diets, such as the 7 day diet plan, are not always recommended by specialists. You might have to attend a function in two weeks and therefore you need to lose weight fast. On top of that, you’ve also been picturing yourself in that new fancy dress at the store.

If you need to attend such an event, then I would even go so far as to say: “go for it”. Do dieticians and fitness trainers have enough reasons not to recommend it? Take these facts into consideration when the moment arises when you need to make such a decision.

Your Body Learns to Burn Fat Slower and Slower

Ok so you decide to give the 7 day diet a go. Its instructions clearly states that you’re only 1100 calories allowed per day. Most people will laugh at you when you tell them that you only eat 1100 calories per day. What happens to your body? Your body starts to adapt to your current food intake. It adapts because it has to preserve itself. How amazing is that? Your body has its own inelegance.

So why then do you lose weight so fast in the first few days? You see, your body will still burn fat at the normal rate and then slowly realizes that you’re eating a lot less then usual. As soon as it realizes it, your body will slow down its metabolism till it only burns around 1000 calories per day. That means that you won’t lose more weight because your body has already adapted.

So you’re finally done with the seven day weight loss plan. What happens next? You would’ve lost those pounds and fit perfectly into the dress you wanted. You’ll also go back to your old habits of consuming 2500 calories per day. Therefore what happens next is quite obvious. Your body will store the extra amount of calories because for the last 7 days it’s been trained to burn at a pace of around 1100 calories. The hard cold truth is that your body will also take a bit longer to adapt than before and the result will be devastating. You’ll gain more weight than you’ve lost. See it as a way for the body to protect itself from starvation.


A 7 day diet is a good idea for detoxicating your body, but it’s not a good idea if you want to lose weight continuously. You’ll only end up gaining more weight. You might be willing to take the fall for the sake of the wedding or reunion. Just follow it up with a long-term healthy weight loss diet so that you won’t be in a worse condition than before.

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