Dr. Phil Hits a Nerve with His Diet Plan

The stepping stones of Dr. Phil’s weight loss program are based on the fact that you have to be honest to yourself and to others around you. Being under the impression that you don’t have to change anything to lose weight has been part of so many overweight individual’s thinking patterns. It doesn’t matter if you have all the healthy foods available and the smartest specialists around. It comes down to the fact that you have to change the way you think about diet and your overall lifestyle.

Dr. Phil is a Poplar problem solver that has taken on the biggest challenges our life offers. He has also decided to take on the weight loss issues so many of us are struggling with. It is sad to know that obesity is the main cause of preventable death in America. That alone has caused Dr. Phil to take a look at why this is such a big problem not only in America, but also around the world.

The issue with so many people is that they are not willing to make a serious change to their lives. Others reach their ideal weight after months of hard work and sacrifice but gain everything back and more after a few months. Is it possible for obese person to be thin and stay thin their whole life? The first step is that we need to be honest. Take a look at yourself. The person you’ll see is the problem and there is where the problem needs to be solved.

Dr. Phil’s diet first explains that you need to be honest with yourself. He asks a few honest questions so that you can determine if you’re ready to change. Some of these questions are as follow:

1.You’ve probably tried many other fat loss plans which haven’t produced the fruits. The real truth is probably that you didn’t deliver the fruits. Are you willing to give Dr. Phil’s fat loss plan a try?

2.There might be a lot of temptations in your kitchen. Are you willing to give all those food temptations away?

3.It’s possible for you to fall for temptation in certain times. When that happens, will you admit it and work even harder?

4.Have you realized that it will be expected of you to spend time in the gym and work hard?

5.Do you realize that you’re the only one who can change your body?

6.It’s strange to see that so many people don’t want to admit that they’re overweight. Some don’t see it as a problem. Do you realize that you have a problem and that you need to take action?

The above questions and a few dozen more of them put you in a place where you have honest answers in front of you. Then you’ll be able to see if you can have a new wonderful body just the way you want it. Dreaming of having a nice body will only stay a dream if you don’t actually do something about it.

I’ve seen the best before and after pictures and some are definitely true. But one thing that stands out from Dr. Phil’s weight loss program is that it doesn’t set you up with big hills to climb at first. He explains that you need to set small and realistic goals. Don’t let other stand in your way of glory. You will be surprised to see that so many people want you to fail. Remember, the main obstacle in your way is yourself. Don’t stop until you’ve reached your goal.

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